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Honeybee & Hers


CD (w/ MP3) SPY-021-2 (9/26/2011)
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Morning is the first full-length album from Honeybee & Hers. It was recorded over a span of three years in basements, closets and studios. The result is an intimate collection of seventeen short songs that ruminate on romance, fear, obsessions, escape and longing. Alternately spare and layered with vocals, electric organ, guitars, bass and drums, Morning is as dark as it is sweet; innocent yet knowing.

Track List:
1. Glimpse
2. Mimosa
3. Colloquial
4. Tall
5. Figures
6. Little Lamp
7. Tomatoes
8. Night Sounds
9. Seafarer
10. Cover Me Up
11. Ameliorate
12. July
13. Vulnerable
14. Obsess
15. Knees (DOWNLOAD)
16. Holly
17. Zebra Stripes