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Noah's Ark Was a Spaceship


LP (w/ MP3) SPY-019-1 (2/22/2011)
Slumber Party Records. Colored vinyl.
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320 Kbps MP3 SPY-019-3 (2/22/2011)
Slumber Party Records
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Noah’s Ark Was A Spaceship doesn’t concern itself with putting on airs — there aren’t any shutter-shades, sweater vests or vintage wines at this party. Their debut full-length, Hanga-Fang, is a rock-n-roll time capsule. Buried in 1994, it’s stuffed with stonewashed jeans, black T-shirts, a Bill & Ted DVD, Chuck Taylors, Olympia, a pack of Marlboro Reds and roughly three bong-rips. That’s not to say it’s derivative — it’s to say that if this record came out in the early ’90s, instead of 2011, it would be included in the stack of CDs resting in the console of your station-wagon, along with Dinosaur Jr., Sonic Youth, Modest Mouse and The Breeders. After releasing 2008's My Name is What is Your Name EP on Slumber Party Records, the band now prepares for the launch of this debut full length, recorded in Omaha by Mark McGowan and mixed by AJ Mogis at ARC studios.

Track List:
1. Opener
2. Big Mouth
3. Warm Eyes
4. I'm Not A Father
5. Wrecking Ball Girl
6. Sweet and Sour Day
7. I Need A Nap
8. Little Taste of Blood
9. Tropical Cornhusker

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Noah's Ark Was a Spaceship

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Noah's Ark Was a Spaceship

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