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Talking Mountain

The Nature of Magic and the Magic of Nature

LP (w/ MP3) SPY-016-1 (2/9/2010)
Slumber Party Records. Colored vinyl.
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320 Kbps MP3 SPY-016-3 (2/9/2010)
Slumber Party Records
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LP is on beautiful blue and red marbled vinyl!

This is the second album from Talking Mountain, and the first to feature other band members and contributors. Included are re-recordings of songs from the first Talking Mountain album, Old Gold/Ancient Jamz, as well as songs that were new and very exciting at the time. Sad songs about friends, unpleasant situations, and the self, cloaked in a layer of mild absurdity and naiveté so that no one has to be bummed out or know that they are being sung about.

This is a limited edition "Mildly Deluxe" vinyl version of the album. They are pressed on aqua/maroon transparent splattered vinyl that looks very much like the Talking Mountain road cases and instruments. A CD version of both this album and Old Gold/Ancient Jamz is included. For added whimsy, the vinyl is protected by a metallic maroon dust sleeve, and an 11"x17" poster with a handwritten thank-you is included for the listener with room on their walls or an interest in graphology.

Track List:
1. in her wrist / your brains must have leaked out
2. (the glory that always seems to go to) kneeling buzz
3. screaming into the witches cauldron
4. we bought a new boat last summer
5. i'm kind of leaves
6. the abominable abominable snowman pts. I & II
7. i need a new saw
8. here comes the wizard (and there's nothing i can do)
9. stolen kisses die young

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