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Nasty, Brutish, and Short

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Continually shot out of a cannon, PUJOL contorted through his latest flaming hoop with the recording and release of the EP Nasty, Brutish, and Short. Moving at the speed of the ‘60’s, the EP becomes PUJOL’s 10th release in less than two years after acclaimed singles, full lengths and EPs on Third Man, Infinity Cat, Evil Weevil, Jeffrey Drag, Turbo Time and Velocity of Sound. This year, PUJOL left SXSW with the opportunity to make records on a wider scale of release, and scrambled together a skeleton crew of Nashville musicians and friends, in between tours, to make the deadline for a fall release. PUJOL utilized his attitude of “whatever works with whatever resources” as the creative anchor for the recording of the EP, even to the point of mixing it via text message while on tour in Canada during a marathon back-and-forth between himself and Battletape’s Jeremy Ferguson. Striving to turn these obstacles into creative opportunities, PUJOL sought to combine aspects of both home and studio recording into the sound of “something that really happened.” In his own words:

“The recording process reflects the material, it was basically done while hardcore-multitasking in between tours, school, previously booked sessions at Battletapes, and general life-madness. The process reflects the narrative and was recorded at the speed of my life, so it’s the immediate sound of something that really happened, it wasn’t made in a bubble, I can’t yet afford such luxurious suds. Ride the Tiger, Holy Diver.”

Nasty, Brutish, and Short focuses on fragmentation, compartmentalization, and the idea of cultural maxims dominating the individual’s ability to vocalize and interact with the external world, essentially being forced into speaking, what PUJOL calls, the “loudest person’s language,” which “only resembles truth because a lot of people heard it simultaneously. I wanted to stab at making a narrative that would cyclically feed back into itself, oscillating between the individual’s and the cultural lexicon. I finally got to assemble those songs together on a single release.” All throughout this unapologetically from-the-hip release, PUJOL marries a lyric of intent to the tune of the uncontrollable variables of a life in what he describes as, “E-merican Realism” that is sure to ensnare fans of rock and roll, as well as Rockwell.

Individual Tracks

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1. Mayday preview » 3:04add to cart
2. Scully preview » 2:22add to cart
3. Battles preview » 2:38add to cart
4. Emotion Chip (No Feeling) preview » 3:15add to cart
5. Tiny Gods (Singularity) preview » 1:42add to cart
6. Stuff preview » 1:40add to cart
7. Point of View preview » 3:23add to cart

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