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Sebastien Grainger

American Names

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When Sebastien Grainger, former drummer/singer of Death from Above 1979, set out to make his first solo record he weighed his options – in one hand he held a guitar and a microphone and, in the other, he held everything else. For the last year, amidst sporadic emergences onstage, he’s been in his studio working and reworking a set of songs that have become the EP American Names.

While Grainger will modestly tell you “every song is a problem, or an equation that I have to resolve,” it’s obvious that the outcomes are richer and more soulful than mere resolvability. Feeling like he is finally expressing himself on these new recordings, Grainger is eager to return to the road and entwine himself in the cultural fabric. Although he’s a self-described “domestic person,” Grainger’s penchant for singing loud, performing and getting sweaty is real--as real as people’s enthusiasm for him to keep doing so.

“I still haven’t written my ‘Thunder Road’” and, like all craftsmen enamored with their craft, Sebastien Grainger wouldn’t stop even if he did.

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