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Bright Eyes

The People's Key Music Plus Bundle



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Also available as standard and deluxe versions.

Bundle contains:
Your choice of CD, Deluxe CD, or 180-gram LP
T-Shirt (American Apparel)
11" x 17" album release poster (folded)
320 Kbps MP3 album download (w/ non-album bonus tracks "Singularity" and "In The Real World")

Since 2006 the once revolving cast of Bright Eyes players has settled around permanent members Conor Oberst, Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott, with additional musicians joining them in the studio and on tour. Fully realized and bursting with charisma, The People's Key is an assured and accomplished album, artfully arranged and filled with the engaging and mesmeric songwriting for which Oberst is renowned.

Recorded in Omaha, Nebraska, at the band’s own ARC Studios, The People's Key was produced by Mike Mogis and engineered by Mogis and Andy LeMaster.

Additional Bright Eyes players on The People's Key: Andy LeMaster, (Now It’s Overhead), Matt Maginn (Cursive), Carla Azar (Autolux), Clark Baechle (The Faint), Shane Aspegren (The Berg Sans Nipple), Laura Burhenn (The Mynabirds) and Denny Brewer (Refried Ice Cream).

Track List:
1. Firewall
2. Shell Games
3. Jejune Stars
4. Approximate Sunlight
5. Haile Selassie
6. A Machine Spiritual (In the People’s Key)
7. Triple Spiral
8. Beginner’s Mind
9. Ladder Song
10. One for You, One for Me

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