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When We Break

CD (w/ MP3) LBJ-081-2 (8/23/2005) $11.00 add to cart
LP (w/ MP3) LBJ-081-1 (8/23/2005)
180g vinyl
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320 Kbps MP3 LBJ-081-3 (8/23/2005) $9.00 add to cart

A startling display of fist-pumping anthems and contagious melodies hell bent on shaking the ass of even the most coolly aloof and cynical listener, When We Break smashes out of the gate with its singlong-equipped opener, "Prevent the World," and refuses to relent for the duration of that which follows. Loud no matter the volume, Criteria deftly navigates enough punchy time changes to satisfy the smartypantses while keeping all those heads a'bobbing. Two words: Big Rock.

Individual Tracks

PreviewLengthMP3 $.99
1. Prevent the World preview » 2:43add to cart
2. Draped in the Blood preview » 2:33add to cart
3. Good Luck preview » 2:46add to cart
4. Kiss the Wake preview » 3:47add to cart
5. Grey Matter preview » 3:10add to cart
6. Salt in Game preview » 3:41add to cart
7. Self Help preview » 3:11add to cart
8. Run Together preview » 3:08add to cart
9. Ride the Snake preview » 3:07add to cart
10. On Time preview » 2:49add to cart
11. Connections preview » 5:00add to cart

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