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Bright Eyes

There Is No Beginning to the Story

CD (w/ MP3) LBJ-045-2 (5/6/2002) $7.00 add to cart
LP (w/ MP3) LBJ-045-1 (05/01/2012)
Includes full album on CD
$13.00 add to cart
320 Kbps MP3 LBJ-045-3 (5/6/2002) $4.00 add to cart

12" includes copy of entire album on CD!

Also available in a subscription bundle including all six 2012 reissues, available here!

There Is No Beginning to the Story is a four song CD featuring "From A Balance Beam", off of "LIFTED...", as well as three additional non-album tracks.

Individual Tracks

PreviewLengthMP3 $.99
1. From a Balance Beam preview » 3:40add to cart
2. Messenger Bird's Song preview » 5:29add to cart
3. We Are Free Men preview » 4:35add to cart
4. Loose Leaves preview » 3:42add to cart
5. Untitled preview » 1:38add to cart

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