Bright Eyes

Noise Floor (Rarities 1998-2005)

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Noise Floor collects selected Bright Eyes singles, one-offs, unreleased tracks, collaborations and covers recorded between 1998 and 2005. Variously recorded to cassette four-track, minidisc, reel-to-reel, tape machine, ADAT and computer, these songs trace Bright Eyes' evolution from basement project to band of international repute. Many of these gems previously lost to out-of-print obscurity are hereby resurrected.

Vinyl Release includes 5 exclusive tracks not available on CD or digitally:
17. Act of Contrition
18. Hungry for a Holiday
19. When the Curious Girl Realizes She is Under Glass Again
20. Entry Way Song
21. It's Cool, We Can Still Be Friends

Individual Tracks

PreviewLengthMP3 $.99
1. Mirrors and Fevers preview » 3:01add to cart
2. I Will Be Grateful for This Day preview » 4:19add to cart
3. Trees Get Wheeled Away preview » 4:09add to cart
4. Drunk Kid Catholic preview » 3:10add to cart
5. Spent on Rainy Days preview » 2:06add to cart
6. The Vanishing Act preview » 3:08add to cart
7. Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man preview » 5:12add to cart
8. Blue Angels Air Show preview » 3:11add to cart
9. Weather Reports preview » 3:02add to cart
10. Seashell Tale preview » 3:27add to cart
11. Bad Blood preview » 4:40add to cart
12. Amy in the White Coat preview » 5:25add to cart
13. Devil Town preview » 3:03add to cart
14. I've Been Eating (for You) preview » 2:55add to cart
15. Happy Birthday to Me (Feb. 15) preview » 3:50add to cart
16. Motion Sickness preview » 6:20add to cart

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