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Set The Woods On Fire

CD (w/ MP3) LBJ-107-2 (8/7/2007) $11.00 add to cart
320 Kbps MP3 LBJ-107-3 (8/7/2007) $9.00 add to cart

After Azure Ray went on hiatus in 2004, Orenda Fink, one half of the beloved Omaha-via-Athens duo, put her energies into a solo record. In 2005, she released Invisible Ones, an under-the-radar but critically acclaimed debut album.

Through the Invisible Ones touring cycle, Orenda assembled several different touring bands with revolving members, along the way making profound musical and personal friendships with her bandmates. With a little astrological nudge and some serendipitous circumstances, Orenda decided to form a new band using the cream of the crop of her touring crew. Art in Manila is comprised of Orenda on guitar and vocals, Adrianne Verhoeven on keys and vocals, Dan McCarthy also on keys, Steve Bartolomei on guitar, Ryan Fox on bass guitar, and Corey Broman on drums.

Set the Woods on Fire, Art in Manila's debut album, was recorded in Omaha, Nebraska, by Joel Petersen (The Faint, Broken Spindles) and mixed in Athens, Georgia, with longtime Orenda Fink collaborator Andy LeMaster (Now It's Overhead).

The CD sleeve and booklet are made from 100% post-consumer recycled materials.

Individual Tracks

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1. Time Gets Us All preview » 2:49add to cart
2. Our Addictions preview » 2:53add to cart
3. The Abomination preview » 3:16add to cart
4. I Thought I Was Free preview » 3:16add to cart
5. Set the Woods on Fire preview » 2:59add to cart
6. Golden Dawn preview » 4:14add to cart
7. Anything You Love preview » 4:08add to cart
8. The Sweat Descends preview » 3:45add to cart
9. Spirit, Run preview » 3:26add to cart
10. Precious Pearl preview » 5:29add to cart
11. The Game preview » 2:45add to cart


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