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320 Kbps MP3 SPY-006-3 (9/30/2008)
Slumber Party Records
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Label: Slumber Party Records

Quilt is Melissa Geary's collection of songs she recorded over a three year period, before she added her best friends to fill out her sound and form Honeybee. These songs were mostly born when the weather was at it's most extreme: long, lonely winters and slow, hot summers. She uses guitar, organ, keyboard, electric drums, sand blocks, harmonica horn, wood floor creaks, things falling, and whatever she can find to add a little something. They were written and recorded alone, late at night or in front of windows in the mid-afternoon, with exceptions only for her partner, Brandon, who sings on tracks nine and eleven.

Track List:
1. Holly
2. Obsess
3. Seafarer
4. Cement
5. Yours
6. Killydarlings
7. Glimpse
8. Kitten
9. Ameliorate
10. Unicorn
11. Japanesecharacters