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Lagniappe was born on September 2nd, 2005; the result of our watching the surreal events unfolding in New Orleans and the greater Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina.

Old favorites, new faces, and friends of Saddle Creek recorded these 13 tracks in bedrooms, basements, kitchens, living rooms, and even in a couple of studios. The album was put together in one week. It's a menagerie of mostly new songs, a few tracks that should have made it onto albums but for whatever reason didn't, a couple of B-sides, a demo song - whatever people could contribute.

All of Saddle Creek and its artists' profits from the sale of Lagniappe are being donated to the Red Cross for their relief efforts.

Individual Tracks

PreviewLengthMP3 $.99
1. Ten Percent to the Ten Percent preview » 3:09add to cart
2. Breathe preview » 3:06add to cart
3. Bookeeta preview » 2:53add to cart
4. San Francisco Via Chicago Blues preview » 2:46add to cart
5. Move Away (Broken Spindles Remix) preview » 4:00add to cart
6. She's a Ghost preview » 3:24add to cart
7. Napoleon's Hat preview » 5:40add to cart
8. Hypnotised preview » 2:51add to cart
9. No Evolution (Acoustic) preview » 2:54add to cart
10. Footprint preview » 4:00add to cart
11. Sunrise: Norfolk, Virginia preview » 2:34add to cart
12. All Your Faithless Loyalties preview » 5:17add to cart
13. New Year's Retribution preview » 3:13add to cart

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