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CD (w/ MP3) LBJ-137-2 (7/7/2009) $11.00 add to cart
LP CSMS-056-1 (06/04/2008)
It Are Good Records
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***The LP was originally released a year before the CD on It Are Good Records out of Lincoln, NE. It includes the original mix of the album and does not include a digital download. This is limited to 500 copies. Once we are sold out of these, it is very unlikely we will get more in!***

UUVVWWZ started as a band in 2007 in Lincoln, Nebraska. "When we came up with the name we laughed. I wrote it on a ripped up brown paper bag that we had drawn some of our song structures on and pronounced while pointing, "Double 'U' double 'V' double 'W'... 'Z.'" Then we went back to working on our songs and being creative together with a good chance of pasta and cigarette breaks.

People compared us to musicians and bands we had to look up (Dog Faced Hermans, Lydia Lunch, The Pop Group) and some that were familiar (Deerhoof, Captain Beefheart, Bow Wow Wow), they dubbed us Avant-Rock and Blues. One man unintentionally called us Power-Jazz after we interrupted his silent contemplation outside of a coffee shop.

After our tour of the East Coast we planned another just for Lincoln. On July 25, 2008 we played 5 shows in one day at the aforementioned coffee shop, a house, a street corner, a venue, and a Marquee overlooking "O" St. that runs straight through downtown Lincoln. We made tour shirts and drove a total of 15 blocks as we performed for a couple hundred people throughout the day."


Individual Tracks

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1. Berry Can preview » 5:17add to cart
2. Shark Suit preview » 2:58add to cart
3. Jap Dad preview » 2:46add to cart
4. Neolano preview » 7:52add to cart
5. Castle preview » 5:17add to cart
6. Green Starred Sleeve preview » 3:19add to cart
7. Trapezeus preview » 3:42add to cart
8. The Sun preview » 5:00add to cart
9. Hum Jam preview » 6:18add to cart

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