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Help Wanted Nights

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The songs on Help Wanted Nights were written to take place in the same small-town bar, and were initially meant as the soundtrack to a screenplay that lead-singer Tim Kasher started writing in 2006 (he's since completed it). Unlike Album of the Year's start-to-finish narratives, these songs seemed to describe moments of raw emotion more than chronicle a linear tale.

This isn't to say that the songs on Help Wanted Nights are not expansive; quite the contrary. Some songs touch on a dark version of Americana, as seen on the grand chords of "You Don't Feel like Home to Me" and the church organ hum of "Rest Your Head." Others are softer like "So Let Go," which delivers its late-night laments via hushed vocals, moonlit, reverb-driven guitars and washed out cymbals. "Heartbroke" dissects a break-up with a heavy dose of sarcasm, while "Keely Aimee" is the best song Fleetwood Mac never wrote.

Individual Tracks

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1. On the Picket Fence preview » 3:33add to cart
2. A Little Bit More preview » 3:23add to cart
3. Heartbroke preview » 1:56add to cart
4. Your Share of Men preview » 2:32add to cart
5. You Don't Feel Like Home to Me preview » 4:40add to cart
6. Keely Aimee preview » 3:30add to cart
7. Playing Dumb preview » 2:17add to cart
8. Some Tragedy preview » 3:44add to cart
9. So Let Go preview » 3:54add to cart
10. Rest Your Head preview » 10:44add to cart

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