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Wet From Birth

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A lot has changed since 2001, the year The Faint released Danse Macabre

They were one of the better-kept secrets of the underground, playing to packed basements and popping up in the occasional fanzine. But in the months following Danse Macabre's release, the murmur surrounding The Faint grew louder. Shows swelled out of the basements and into the clubs. DJ's started voluntarily playing tracks on commercial stations like KROQ. Word of mouth pricked the ears of the press, and their name fell from the tips of pens everywhere from the New York Times to Time Magazine. Suddenly, The Faint found themselves touring with No Doubt and being tirelessly pursued by major labels. Systematically knocking showgoers flat city by city, The Faint left Danse Macabre everywhere they went, to be heard bleeding out of car windows, leaking through cracked doors of after-hours bars, and drifting from city apartment windows.

It's been three years, hundreds of shows, and thousands of miles. Fans have been clamoring for new music since 2001's Danse Macabre remix album from Astralwerks. And after a year of sequestering themselves inside a rented warehouse full of stacked up, broken down washing machines, The Faint have finally reemerged with their most feverish and intense work to date, Wet From Birth.

Meticulously produced by The Faint and Presto! Studios' Mike Mogis, the sounds of Wet From Birth stretch beyond the boundaries of genre. From the addictive opening gambit of "Desperate Guys," to the frantic, dark masterpiece "I Disappear," to the closing anthem "Birth," Wet From Birth is The Faint sounding resolute in a brave new world, poised to change the face of music, complete with a raccoon penis bone-on-muffler solo.

Individual Tracks

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1. Desperate Guys preview » 3:06add to cart
2. How Could I Forget? preview » 3:17add to cart
3. I Disappear preview » 4:07add to cart
4. Southern Belles in London Sing preview » 3:31add to cart
5. Erection preview » 2:45add to cart
6. Paranoiattack preview » 4:16add to cart
7. Dropkick the Punks preview » 2:28add to cart
8. Phone Call preview » 4:02add to cart
9. Symptom Finger preview » 3:27add to cart
10. Birth preview » 3:19add to cart

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