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I Disappear Single

CD (w/ MP3) LBJ-066-2 (10/12/2004) $4.00 add to cart
320 Kbps MP3 LBJ-066-3 (10/12/2004) $3.00 add to cart

The infectious beats, screeching guitars, and lyrical exploration of "I Disappear" encompass the unity of these varied elements. Inspired by a trip to Haiti, the first single off of Wet From Birth deals with the topic of spiritual possession in a manner that doesn't exploit, but rather captures the electricity of the moment.

"I Disappear" is featured here with the B-side "Hypnotised" (one of those "why wasn't that on the record?" songs) and with an unforgettable remix by the legendary Kevin Martin (God, Ice, Techno Animal, Sidewinder, Curse of the Golden Vampire). Under his current moniker, "The Bug," Martin uses "I Disappear" as reference point and inspiration as the remix sees its maker create a composition that is wholly his own, complete with the ragga vocal stylings of Ras B.

Individual Tracks

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1. I Disappear preview » 4:08add to cart
2. Hypnotised preview » 2:52add to cart
3. I Disappear (Coolie Voodoo Mix by The Bug) preview » 3:45add to cart

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