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The Convenience of Indecision

Author: Jennifer Dauphinais
02/21/2002 | New Haven Advocate | | Live Show Preview
Swirl all of your favorite sounds from the indie headquarters of Chapel Hill, N.C. and Omaha, Neb. into a bathtub, put a tap on the side and pour out the fresh draft flavors of Sorry About Dresden. Lead singer/guitar player Matt Oberst, big brother to Bright Eyes singer Conor, moved from Omaha in the '90s to flourish in the Chapel Hill scene alongside Superchunk, Polvo and Archers of Loaf. SAD pulls from multi-generational influences and variable instrument sources to flesh out beyond the typical four-piece rock sound mold. The band's latest release, The Convenience of Indecision (Saddlecreek Records), confronts the current tides of death, destiny, and destruction in society in a creative and honest explosion. You can catch these jumping boys at Rudy's Bar and Grill (372 Elm St., New Haven), on Thursday, Feb. 21, with Late Night Television opening.


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