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The Convenience of Indecision

10/23/2001 | Sore Zine | Album Review
This record is definitely one to include on my list of favorite records for this issue. Take one part melodic and sweet indie rock played with precision and talent, and mix it with two parts gritty and punchy punk influenced rock. The vocals really are fantastic--so good and so dynamic. They never sound bad. Softer parts aren't sung all whispy and choirboy--they're strong and soft. Sorry About Dresden is from Chapel Hill, a city where number of other good bands seem to be popping up from recently (White Octave to name one). Another interesting fact is that the vocalist and guitarist for Sorry About Dresden is Matt Oberst, brother of the very talented Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes. Grated the musical styles are both very different (and both very good), there seems to be a simialr musical taste that pulls through on both bands' music. Any fan of Bright Eyes will likely enjoy this record as well--it's definitely worth checking out.


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Let It Rest

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