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The Convenience of Indecision

Author: DL
10/23/2001 | Media Reader | | Album Review
This is not the SAD that I remember from seeing them play countless times a few years ago--they got that Omaha Disease! Nonetheless, the songwriting on this record has improved ten-fold over the previous efforts, but what happened to the vocals? Well, they took a turn towards Archers of Loaf, Cursive, Crooked Fingers, and Bright Eyes. With the band's ties to Omaha (one of the guys in SAD is Conor Oberst's brother) and their current locale in Chapel Hill, the swing actually makes quite a bit of sense. If you're a native North Carolinian who's heard them before but not seen them in quite a while, I recommend checking out what you've got in your backyard; if you're a newcomer, you may just find Sorry About Dresden to be the best band with the worst name you've heard in a very long time. This is a solid record and fans of any of the mentioned bands should take note of this release.
This is, unfortunately, one of those packages where the music is much better than the design. Not very memorable b/w photos that are too oversaturated (cover), too abstract (back), or not very interesting (inside). The font is nice and I dig the simplicity of the CD face, but more importantly I want the lyrics here so that I can sing along.


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