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The Convenience of Indecision

Author: Hammer / Dave M.
10/23/2001 | Interference Magazine | Album Review
Hammer says:
The sonic bursts on this effort give way to nice songwriting, sweet hooks but then sometimes mediocre, scattered whiny deliveries and too many extraneous instruments. But, most of this record is pretty good stuff, some of it is extremely forgettable and some of it is extremely remarkable, so i balances out.
SORRY ABOUT DRESDEN sounds like the little brother of ARCHERS OF LOAF, which is good, but at points they try to be RADIOHEAD's sidekick and it doesn't quite work.
The simple songs on this release are the ones that work, A Losing Season," One Version of Events," and A Brilliant Ally" are the strongest tracks, with insightful lyrics and good rhythms. The rest of the CD is take it or leave it.
I thind DRESDEN should have worried less about putting out a first full length album and just put out an EP or miniCD of good songs.

Dave M says:
Solid pop/rock from these Nebraskan bastards. I really hate Nebraska but I really like these guys, some of the best hooks I've ever heard. They sound a bit like WEEZER and THE RENTALS but with a little more grime and grit.
I saw this band with CURSIVE and I wasn't very impressed, but I'll have to say that this record is solid and I would definitely consider checking they out again.


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