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The Convenience of Indecision

Author: Eddie
04/01/2002 | Delusions of Adequecy | | Feature
Delusions of Adequacy: First of all, I want to thank you for playing up here in New Hampshire. It isn't often I can pay $2 to see a good show on my college campus, so it was nice. Did you guys get all the cake cleaned up?

Hep: No. There's still frosting scattered about my drums.

Eric: I am cake-free.

DOA: Now the show seemed pretty chaotic in terms of the energy you guys were giving off onstage. Do you try to maintain that sense of craziness every night you go out there, or was it just an upbeat night?

Matty O: We are generally energetic. The cake was the only unusual part, although we've been drenched in beer and tackled by Cursive before.

Hep: I personally don't even know what I look like up there, except for what people tell me. We just play, and if things click, then things get pretty chaotic.

Eric: The rock and roll gives me crazy legs. What else am I gonna do, stand there like an asshole? I'd rather jump around like an asshole. It's habit forming.

Matthew: Whatever happens, happens. Nothing is premeditated. We just play, and sometimes people come up to us afterwards and say, "You guys went crazy!" But then I look around and all the guitars and body parts are intact, and I go, "No, it was a kinda mellow night."

DOA: I have always been a little curious about the band name. Did you plan it so the initials would spell sad?

Hep: It's all coincidental.

Matthew: There are three people in this band with Teutonic surnames. We had to think of something like that.

Eric: But backwards it spells "das" which is German for "the," I believe. Does that mean we're backwards Germans? Maybe.

Matty O: I don't think any of us were smart enough to realize it before somebody pointed it out.

DOA: So you weren't trying to hint at being a particularly melancholy group of young men?

Matty O: We're not that melancholy.

Matthew: It's really tough being from the suburbs.

Eric: I've heard that drinking coffee makes one melancholic, and I drink the coffee sometimes. So maybe you got something there.

DOA: Let's hear a little bit about the history of the band. How did you guys get together? How have things changed since you started out?

Hep: I'll let someone else say how we got together, since I'm the walk-on. The biggest change is that now we don't have to pay for everything out of pocket. We actually have a band fund.

Matty O: Short version: Eric and Hep grew up together. Tomich (Matthew) and I moved to North Carolina without really knowing each other. We met, played rock music. Now we know more songs.

Matthew: People went to college, people graduated, people decided that playing guitar and riding around in a van was more fun than making copies.

Eric: We started a rock band in the post-rock era. Remember that, when rock was "over." We couldn't play anything but 4/4 when we started, and now we can play 3/4 and some fancier ones, but James would have to tell you about that. A combination of beautiful accidents found us in the same room playing some songs we had written and we got a show at The Lizard and Snake. Some of our friends came, and a good time was had by all. And then we got a van and started playing out of town and we saw The Big Rock and knew we had seen the light. We put out a seven-inch and radio stations where we didn't know the staff played it some. Jerry Kee helped us record an album, Matt Kelley put it out. We rocked some more. More Jerry and some mister Neal, Moment Before Impact put out an EP. And now Saddle Creek put out the second LP, and we rocked with cursive from Florida to Minnesota.

DOA: Speaking of the hometown, tell me a little bit about the North Carolina music scene. I heard you guys on our college radio station when you were up here playing all kinds of North Carolina bands, so I know you have something to say on the matter.

Matty O: The scene here is very nice, but I don't get out much, so I'll let the others comment.

Hep: There has been a lot of good music coming out of this state for decades, and from all over the state. Don't know what else to say. Although our influences span numerous geographical locations and musical genres, one wouldn't have to look much farther than North Carolina to find any number of influential artists.

Eric: We live in a nice area where there are multiple good college radio stations, multiple good clubs run by nice people and lots of swell folks. There are lots of bands down here that we like. I played some Cold Sides on that radio show because I love that shit. James Rhodes runs Moment Before Impact Records and is a real sweetie. We are very lucky.

Matthew: It is a nice place to live, and nice people live there. Some of them write good songs too. It's a good deal.

DOA: Outside of North Carolina, what are some of your favorite bands of the moment?

Matty O: I love the Saddle Creek bands, Late Night Television, The Reputationů

Hep: I love Blonde Redhead. Built to Spill, Guided by Voices, and newer bands like Death Cab.

Matthew: The Velvet Teens, Alli with an I, Timothy's Weekend, and everything that Saddle Creek is doing.

Eric: Well, I think Azure Ray is amazing. Lots of great music. That new Wilco record is amazing, but everybody knows that by now, right?

DOA: Any insightful thoughts on the state of the music world right now?

Hep: The music world is and always will be just fine.

Matty O: The only thing I know about the industry is that we've been lucky enough to have friends who are willing to help us put out music. You can't ask for much more.

Eric: Last night I read a little from Ray Davies autobiography and a biography of Elvis Costello, and shit is always fucked up in the music-making world, and my life is so much easier than what they had to put up with. We have been able to make records freely and have our friends put them out. We have been able to go on tour with our friends and it's been a blast. Can't complain.

Matthew: People always pine for the past tense, the way things were, with almost no matter what you're talking about. But there's good and bad at every point in the history of the genre.

DOA: Okay, a random question to close things out. If you were stuck on an island with only one CD, one book, and one celebrity, who and what would they be?

Matty O: London Calling, Ulysses (maybe I'd finally understand it), and Ronald Reagan, so I could have a party when he finally dies.

Matthew: Bandway Balls Out, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Jesus, because he can walk on water, so he can give me a piggyback ride to somewhere else when the whole paradise desert island bit gets old.

Eric: Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys. War and Peace, because hey, I'd have the time. And Marlon Brando, because I'd get hungry eventually.

Hep: Pet Sounds would be the CD. I don't have a book preference. And to pick a random celebrity, it would have to be Elisha Cuthbert (from 24). I could do some serious island repopulation with her.


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