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The Convenience of Indecision

Author: Tim Scott
10/23/2001 | | | Album Review
While at times sounding similar to other North Carolina acts such as Superchunk and the Archers of Loaf (the song 'Deadship, Darkship' in particular sounds lifted straight form the Archers Icky Mettle), Sorry About Dresden add a darker more sombre mood to their quality indie rock.
Vocalist and guitarist Matt Oberst (brother of Bright Eyes' Connor), who like Cursive's Tim Kasher who contributes accordion here on the song 'It's Morning Again in America', brings a spooky and Gothic feel to the album. That's Gothic as in Johnny Cash not Marilyn Manson.
Songs like the aforementioned 'It's Morning Again' and 'Faulty Math, Tired Horses' sounds like early Uncle Tupelo. Kind of like an emo 'O Brother Where Art Thou' number.
And no, that isn't a diss. This is good stuff.


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