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The Convenience of Indecision

Author: Jason Kucsma
01/01/2002 | Clamor Magazine | Album Review
This CD will take its time in getting a hold of you. Kind of like a new friend who seems aloof at first, but is really actively wooing you without you even knowing it. I've started to listen to Sorry About Dresden about five times and I rarely got past the first four or five songs. The last time I threw it in, I let it ride all the way through and realized I had been ignoring a side of this outfit that I didn't even know existed. Sorry About Dresden (not coincidentally acronymically SAD), play melodramatic rock that hits peaks and valleys of emotion while remaining musically consistent in their creativity and energy. At times, they have the raw energy reminiscent of Archers of Loaf and at other times you'll hear the soft spoken influence of Elvis Costello. The album features guest appearances from members of other Saddle Creek projects, which is one of the things I have come to expect from and love about this label.


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Let It Rest

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