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The Convenience of Indecision

11/08/2001 | | | Album Review
Chapel Hill's Sorry About Dresden (see the acronym is "S.A.D." and they are an emo band... pretty clever, eh?) have created an album that is a lot of things: Pleasant/lovely, yet still rocking. Emotional without being melodramatic. Take the really good things about Bright Eyes , Cursive , Crooked Fingers , and perhaps Knapsack and you can get an idea of where S.A.D. spends it's existence.

The singer/guitar is manned by none other than Conor Oberst's brother Matt and another Matt from Omaha (that's gotta be confusing!). Matt O's voice indicates the relation, but it's more rough around the edges, less intense and spastic... a really good sexy without being obsessive voice. A solid rock band voice.

The Convenience of Indecision offers an entire platter of styles and sounds, most often reminding me most of Cursive in it's delivery. The band is tight and I feel a nice degree of tension keeping the sound ripe and taut. The sweet, quiet playing and singing of "It's Morning Again in America" reminds me of Crooked Fingers without the old bourbon voice man Eric Bachman singing. The elevated energy of "One Version of Events" will hopefully get S.A.D. played well on the college radio station. Overall, a great record that keeps you bopping, raising up and down and singing along. Solid.


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