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The Convenience of Indecision

Author: Jeremiah
11/01/2001 | Action Attack Helicopter | | Album Review
I just read that these guys are touring with Cursive, which should be quite a nice fit. Great indie rock-soaring vocals courtesy Matt Oberst (Connor from Bright Eyes' brother), meandering guitar parts, and an exceptional rhythm section. One listen to this record and you know the band totally rocks out live. I have no complaints.
It's so great to hold an ALBUM in my hands from these guys--not just a collection of tunes thrown together, but a cohesive package of hard work, sincere emotion, and true art. Masterfully produced by Mike Mogis (Cursive, Bright Eyes, Songs: Ohia) and Brian Paulson (Superchunk, Slint, Uncle Tupelo, Beck), each song leaps from the speakers in beautifully organized yet chaotic fury, teeming with stinging honesty and reminding listeners why they stopped listening to mainstream music in the first place. Get this before it becomes the next big thing.


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Let It Rest

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