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The Convenience of Indecision

Author: dave heaton
10/28/2001 | | | Album Review
"Count the times that I'll be wrong tonight/let's be honest I won't even try," go some of the lyrics to the opening track on Sorry About Dresden's The Convenience of Indecision, an album-length expression of feelings of regret, uncertainty and fear. Being haunted by the things you said and did in the past, the things you can never change, is a feeling that runs through the album, as is nervousness about life in the present and future. Several songs express a frustration with the difficulty of communicating and with the fact that words never come out how you want them to. That miscommunication doesn't carry over into Sorry About Dresden's lyrics, however, as they articulate feelings with profound candor and clarity. The self-doubt they express is universal enough to really connect with listeners, and it only helps that the feelings are conveyed through superbly crafted rock songs. With the perfect balance of power and melody, Sorry About Dresden tap into the energy of rock while also throwing catchy hooks at you non-stop. There's also stretches where they push past rock's brute strength into prettier territory, aided by violin and piano. That slight diversity in style adds to the power of their music, intensifying the emotional impact. As the album proceeds, the lyrical themes expand in perspective as well, as they move topically outward over the last three songs, two of which directly confront death. That step pushes the group's emotional spectrum further out, making the album not just an autobiographical expression of anguish but a glimpse into universal human pain and sadness.


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