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Sebastian Grainger and the Mountains

Author: Kate Harper
03/23/2009 | | | Live Show Preview
Sebastien Grainger's guitar was destroyed when he and his backing band, The Mountains, got into a fight with a stage manager at the South By Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas on Friday.

Grainger & The Mountains were halfway through "Ways To Come Home" when the Radio Room's stage manager "jumped on stage and insisted to drummer Leon Taheny that they stop their show immediately as they had gone overtime," wrote Grant Lawrence on CBC Radio 3's website.

Grainger, who didn't understand what was going on, jumped into the next number, "Niagara." This got the stage manager pretty upset.

"The stage manager then stormed the stage, shoving bassist Nick Sewell and grabbing the sticks right out of Taheny's hands," Lawrence wrote. "Sebastien then threw his still-plugged-in-guitar at the stage manager, narrowly missing him, hitting the wall with a cacophonous crash.

"A nose-to-nose face-off between the stage manager and the shirtless Grainger ensued, and somehow the guitar was then thrown into the crowd where it was smashed and totally destroyed.

"According to the witness 'It was like a piece of meat being thrown to a pack of hungry wolves. The crowd was insane.'

Keyboardist (and former Bicycles member?) Andrew Scott reportedly told CBC Radio 3 that Grainger bought a new guitar the next day.

This is not the only reported incident between bands and staff at South By Southwest, which concluded yesterday.

Britain's Late Of The Pier also got into a fight with security staff at Austin's Cedar Street Courtyard on Friday.

The plug was pulled on the band's set when the venue staff thought they were going over their allotted time slot. The band argued with bouncers and sound staff before a security guard threw frontman Sam Eastgate down the stage's side stairs. The band eventually finished their set.

"The crowd saw everything, so they were really sympathetic," Eastgate told "That's a good thing, I suppose, that they could see my frustrations translated into simple terms as in the venue are fighting us, literally."

Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains are touring in support of last year's self-titled debut album. You can see them here:

March 24 Tucson, AZ @ Club Congress (WXSW)
March 25 Phoenix, AZ @ Chyro Arts w/New Villager
March 26 Hollywood, CA @ The Knitting Factory w/Beep Beep, The Show Is The and Princeton
March 27 Costa Mesa, CA @ The Detroit Bar w/New Villager and Princeton
March 30 San Francisco, CA @ The Rickshaw Stop w/New Villager and Princeton
March 31 Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge w/New Villager and Princeton
April 2 Seattle, WA @ Crocodile Cafe w/New Villager and Princeton
April 3 Victoria, BC @ Lucky Bar w/Flash Lightnin'
April 4 Nanaimo, BC @ The Spice Lounge w/Flash Lightnin'
April 5 Vancouver, BC @ Richard's On Richards w/Flash Lightnin'
April 7 Edmonton, AB @ Pawn Shop w/Flash Lightnin'
April 8 Calgary, AB @ Marquee Club w/Flash Lightnin'
April 9 Saskatoon, SK @ Amigos Cantina w/Flash Lightnin'
April 10 Winnipeg, MB @ The Pyramid Cabaret w/Flash Lightnin' (all ages)
April 12 Minneapolis, MN @ 400 Bar
April 13 Mankato, MN @ What's Up Lounge w/Flash Lightnin'
April 14 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
April 15 Toledo, OH @ Frankie's
April 16 Pontiac, MI @ The Pike Room
April 18 Kitchener, ON @ Kitchener Children's Museum (GO! Festival)
April 19 Hamilton, ON @ The Casbah
April 23 Ottawa, ON @ Zaphod Beeblebrox w/Flash Lightnin'
April 24 Quebec City, QC @ La Casbah w/Flash Lightnin'
April 25 Montreal, QC @ Il Motore w/Flash Lightnin'
May 1 Brantford, ON @ The Ford Plant w/Flash Lightnin'
May 2 Peterborough, ON @ The Montreal House w/Flash Lightnin'