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American Names

Author: Indierockreviews
08/07/2008 | | | Album Review
Holyshittholyshitholyshi, ineedmoreineedmoreineedmore is all I could think about after I gave the Sebastien Grainger ep a "American" a good listen to. In order too explain the excitement over this ep you have to understand the precedents. Sebastien is half of one of the greatest bands of all time, DFA 1979. And whilst one half of said duo is now making beats that have heads bobbing, and feets moving under the name MSTRKRFT, Sebastien has gone the complete other route. This is far from that direction; it is music that moves the entire body and soul. It requires thought and attention. It is music that will turn you into an obsessive music nerd and have you haunting Graingers' myspace page, jonesing for a hint of his next song. I think I have listened to my favorite single "Ways to Come Home" shy of a thousand times, and loved every different incantation of it that has been posted. I am only willing to admit that I even bought one of his shirts off his myspace page because I am writing under a pen name. This is beginning to feel like a confession at an AA meeting, so I will sign off by saying that I am Thirst N Howl III, and I am completely enamored and obsessed with Sebastien Graingers' ep American Names.