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The Execution of All Things

Author: Darcy Fawcett
07/31/2004 | Independent Florida Alligator | | Live Show Preview
On my long plane ride to California, I popped my favorite CD, Rilo Kiley's Take Offs and Landings into my Discman, ensuring that my tray table was at an upright position. I was flying there to see a boy, and to see Rilo Kiley on Valentine's Day in their pre-national-touring days.

Even if you're not familiar with their three adorable must-have albums (well, sorry, the first one's way out of print now) you've seen members Jenny Lewis and Blake Sennet before.

You'd know Jenny from "Troop Beverly Hills," "The Wizard" (she got to kiss Fred Savage!), or more recently being the only chick to not take off her shirt in "Foxfire."

Blake had a reoccurring role on "Third Rock From the Sun," "Boy Meets World," and he was Pinsky on Salute Your Shorts.

Not a show goes by when some ass doesn't yell, "I liked Donkey Lips better!" or some shit. Yeah, we get it; they were child actors. Now let's move on.

Last year, Rilo Kiley signed with Saddle-Creek, to release The Execution of All Things. Suddenly, every kid with a Bright Eyes shirt's heard of them, but that doesn't stop Jenny from walking around the crowd after their set, telling stories and laughing and hugging everyone, as if she's not the hottest chick in the world.

They have little Casio keyboards, a song ("With Arms Outstretched") where they invite fans onstage for a sing-along, and best of all, Blake will wear a home-made "anti-porn" shirt for you if your ex-best-friend that downloaded kiddie porn on your computer is at the show.

And the goddess Jenny—from screaming, "It's so fucking beautiful!" to chanting, "And would ya fuck me? 'Cause I'd fuck me," this lovely lady always reinvents my favorite expletive.

And her unique fashion must be mentioned. J-Lo's got her own line; we need J-Lew. Every girl will go home from the show with scarves, scissors and sewing machines in their heads.

Two and a half years ago, I fell in love over the Internet. Sometimes I wonder if I would've fallen so hard if we weren't both listening to Rilo Kiley at the time.

The boy and I are just friends now. But Rilo—I'm still in love.