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Take Offs and Landings

Author: Brian Brophy
08/14/2001 | Synthesis | | Album Review
Rilo Kiley is yet another indie pop band featuring male / female vocal harmonizing. Jenny Lewis' mousy vocals and her habit to overly enunciate words like "automobile" fit the swanky, country-influenced songs on the album. She also, surprisingly, has the ability to belt out lyrics. She switches from a meek drawl to a powerful wail on songs like "Pictures of Success," and she sounds damn right pissed off on "Plane Crash in C" when she belts out, "maybe it's wise / or maybe I'm just stupid for laughing at your jokes." "Always," complete with handclaps, is the most lush and the best track on the album. The songs are basic Beatles-inspired pop, but the lyrics are good, and the melodies brilliant.