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The Execution of All Things

Author: Maurice S. Teilmann
12/01/2002 | Synthesis | | Album Review
Rilo Kiley's second release encounters the challenges of switching from automatic to manual transmission; there's much more power at their disposal, but can they use it effectively? Crafting expressive tunes with indie rock inflammations, country consonances and bouncy rhythms, the group is in pursuit of a truly capturing sound, but there are components missing. The potency of Jenny Lewis' rueful vocals and the band's overall unity are both endearing, but lack the surprises and challenges that would make this otherwise good release spectacular. The result is the feeling of driving at the top of a gear, just shy of popping the clutch and shifting; I'm left with the roar of a revving engine, wondering where the power is. It's frustrating to get that close to excellence, but regardless, it's still a worthy listen.