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Take Offs and Landings

Author: Michael
08/14/2001 | No-Nothing Rock | | Album Review
did you know that rilo kiley is amazing?

with that said there isn't much more to say... but there is so much that could be said. most people wouldn't consider this band so underground, or completely hard to find, but as i talk to people, and i get a general consensus (at least in the chicagoland area) not many people know who rilo kiley is.

now that's just a shame.

i saw them, inadvertently, as the opened for ozma and nada surf. suffice it to say, i was blown away. their music was witty, original, and interesting. i don't know how many different times, i've gone to a show, and all the "newer" bands sound like every other band i've ever listened to.

music and music fans have been calling for something new, something to bend the genres at least a little bit. and i think rilo kiley have done just that. they bend the edges of what would normally be a confined genre.

which in a way, is an interesting point, since the idea of independent music is just that, to be it's own thing, and independent from large labels and large genres.

rilo kiley is music that soothes the soul. the songs invite you in, and tell you the story. stories of heartbreak and love, told like no one else has told them yet. mellow guitar strumming with a light tremolo, the bass playing a nice blues-y line, the keys complimenting every measure gracefully. and then a voice that pierces your heart with a pure and truthful stab, that gets you every time. this is rilo kiley.

supporting their only second length still, rilo kiley promises to be bringing the world more of their music, and that makes me smile.