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Take Offs and Landings

Author: Colin Devenish
08/14/2001 | Pulse! | Album Review
In recent years, the once- deep pool of indie rock talent has mostly dried up, with bands breaking up, writing boring records or deciding their true calling all along has been Brazilian jazz and making records that veer ever deeper into obscurity. Into that void steps Rilo Kiley. With Take Offs and Landings, the L.A. quartet succeeds in crafting a homespun record that sidles comfortably from the soothing acoustic strains of "Go Ahead" into the pop perfection of "Wires and Waves," with no interference in between. Using a dulcet tone to deliver lines like "and the bills keep changing colors" as a way to describe the passage of time, singer Jenny Lewis and Rilo Kiley keep the venerable indie rock songwriting tradition of a few cobbled-together chords and a couple of clever verses burning bright.