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The Execution of All Things

Author: Andy 5
02/19/2003 | | | Album Review
There is something about Rilo Kiley that automatically puts the listener into a certain state of admiration. Maybe it is the delicate sound of Jenny Lewis' voice. Or maybe it is the precise movements of all of the members hands in motion at the same time. Regardless of who is responsible for this, Rilo Kiley's members put together in one room make the perfect team of songwriters. It is cleary undeniable that this band will make a huge impact on everyone that steps into its path.

Los Angeles' Rilo Kiley joined teams with Omaha Nebraska's Sadde Creek Records to put out this bands second full length album. Many musicians who appear on other Saddle Creek albums appear with Rilo Kiley, making this release almost twice as powerful as it would have been without their presence. Each Saddle Creek release seems to have been given more than 110% and that is why they will continue to put out records that you will continue to love for the rest of your life.

The album starts out with one of the bands most powerful songs, "The Good That Won't Come Out", and continues to glide through a total of ten more infectious pop songs that are equally impressive. There is not a dull moment on this album and it never fails to meet its expectation after the first hit. "The Execution Of All Things" is a must have for any fans of: Rainer Maria, Sarge, Radiohead, Azure Ray, Blonde Redhead, and Mates Of States.