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The Execution of All Things

Author: ND Burkey
12/11/2002 | Lost at Sea | | Album Review
I was frightened at first by lead singer Jenny Lewis's vocal similarities to Ani Di Franco - No! Keep reading! - Yes this is pop rock, but it is so very well crafted and sincere, and... uh, um it kind of has, er... okay, I uh, I made a mistake by reading someone else‚s review of this album that was really succinct and well done and... shit. It makes me think that I tend to ramble when I could just hit it in the heart. Shit. I have to remember not to read
other people‚s reviews. I'm really not very good at this. Um, it, uh, it took a while for me to get over the girliness‚ of this album, and then I saw a picture of Jenny Lewis and I was like, "whoa! she's hot!" and now I wonder if that influenced me too, since I've been fantasizing about having her as my girlfriend because she lives in L.A. which isn't too far away, and she just seems so nice. On "A Better Son/Daughter" she talks about how she was feeling pretty bummed one morning and her mom called and they got into a fight and how she felt bad about it and just had to go back to bed. And then they step up the volume and it's kind of uplifting in a way that I'm slightly embarrassed about.

The only thing is that in her PR picture she was wearing one of those oversized post-hippie hats that sit a-tilt on the back of your head, the kind that you always see girls wearing in the city. I was at a bar in San Francisco and the bartender was wearing the exact same kind of hat and she looked pretty much exactly like Jenny Lewis. I guess those girls are the equivalent of the flapper girls in the 20s- You know, those young attractive
women in the city, intelligent and free-thinking except for the fact that they all seem to dress alike. That's the kind of girl that I think I want now that I've moved to a city for the first time. Or the suburbs of a city anyway.

The whole of The Execution of All Things has this sort of sunny dream-world feeling, like a young woman's fantasy slightly tainted by the blase of the adult world, and for some reason I keep listening to it every time I get home from work, twice sometimes, even though I was unimpressed with it at first and don't remember any sort of turning point. I give it 8 knuckles up.

Reviewed by ND Burkey (the uninformed opinion)