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Invisible Ones

Author: Kate Gavino
01/25/2010 | | | Feature
Saddle Creek artist and former Azure Ray singer Orenda Fink is making her 2005 solo debut, Invisible Ones, available to download for free on her website. In a personal letter she asks that, in exchange for the album, donations should be made to aid organizations, such as Yele Haiti and the Red Cross, to help Haiti after its devastating earthquake. This offer will last until the end of the month.

Fink's close relationship with Haiti stems from her visits to the country in 2003 and 2006, which she says changed her "spiritually, academically and artistically," according to the heartfelt message on her website. Invisible Ones, in fact, was a direct result from her exposure to Haitian folk music and the friendships she formed with native artists and citizens. She also worked closely with a non-profit arts organization, FOSAJ, whose director, Flo McGarrell, died in a collapsed hotel in the earthquake. Fink asks her fans to support the island country with any donation possible, stating that even "small amounts definitely do make a difference."

Track Listing For Invisible Ones:
01. Leave It All
02. Invisible Ones Guard The Gate
03. Bloodline
04. Blind Asylum
05. Invisibles
06. Miracle Worker
07. No Evolution
08. Dirty South
09. Easter Island
10. Animal
11. Invisible Ones
12. Bloodline
Invisible Ones

Invisible Ones

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