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Ask The Night

Author: Ryan Berg
08/24/2009 | Paste | | Feature
Orenda Fink, half of folk duo Azure Ray, has been steadily releasing music for the past five years. But this October's Ask the Night will be her first solo album since 2005.
Although she spent the last half-decade starting forest fires with Art in Manila and teaming up with Scalpelist on her O+S project this spring, Ask the Night finds Fink finding her footing as a solo artist. "After the last solo record [2005's Invisible Ones], I was not exactly sure who I was as a solo artist," Fink recently told Paste. "So I really turned inward for this one."

The sparse, acoustic Ask the Night drops Oct. 6 on Saddle Creek.

Ask the Night tracklisting:

1. Why is the Night Sad
2. High Ground
3. Sister
4. That Certain-Something Spring
5. The Garden
6. Wind
7. Alabama
8. The Mural
9. Half-Light
10. The Moon Knows
Ask The Night

Ask The Night

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