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Invisible Ones

Author: Ken
08/25/2005 | | | Album Review
Now both members of the now possibly defunct Azure Ray have release their solo efforts to the world. If Azure Ray is over, then it is at least encouraging to see the beginnings of what could be two very amazing solo careers. Orenda's "Invisible Ones" also released on Saddle Creek Records came out this week, and I must say after hearing Maria's record "11:11" we were extremely curious to see if "Invisible Ones" would stand up next to the wonderful "11:11". It does, and it's every bit as good. Who knew Azure Ray had two solo careers waiting to bust out? As with "11:11" all of the influences that made Azure Ray records great are not gone. Fans of Azure Ray will not be running back to the record store for refunds. On the contrary Earfood has been thrilled with both releases.

"Invisible Ones" was influenced by Orenda and here husband Todd Fink's (The Faint) travels to India, Cambodia, and Haiti; with that influence the record takes on a touch of the Peter Gabriel world music feel in places but never at overkill. Here involvement with Todd can is seen most evident in songs such as "Bloodline" and "Dirty South" but even those songs don't tread to far from familiar territory. One thing that should be said is that the record is a step in the louder direction than any Azure Ray. As a friend of mine just said you can't get much quieter than an Azure Ray record. Lyrically the record is a step in a new direction for Orenda, dealing with in external issues rather than the obsessive heartbreak and internal struggles that much of Azure Ray's cataloge covers.

The record was recorded and produced by Andy LeMaster (Now It's Overhead), and features an all-star cast of appearances including Todd Fink (duh), Scott Amendola, Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio), Martin Perna (Antibalas), Dan McCarthy (Mayday and McCarthy Trenching), Nate Walcott (Bright Eyes, The Faint, Rilo Kiley), Patterson Hood (Drive By Truckers), and Rozna Zila and Sandy M. Saint-Cyr (Troupe Macandal).

Currently Orenda is in Athens finishing up the next Now It's Overhead record with Andy LeMaster, and she plans to begin touring to support "Invisible Ones" starting September 12. You can keep up with Orenda at

Invisible Ones

Invisible Ones

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