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Fall Back Open

Author: Matt DiStefano
03/18/2004 | | | Album Review
Time is a precious commodity. Andy LeMaster, producer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and vocalist of Now It's Overhead, knows this all too well and somehow found time to churn out another album of his own while juggling time between touring and recording with Bright Eyes and producing for the likes of Azure Ray and Poulain.

The group's sophomore release keeps the folk-country meets dark-pop sound intact as the vocals of LeMaster and the ladies of Azure Ray guide you on a musical road trip through their hearts and minds. Whether stopping at that hip, new indie-rock dance club on the oddly synth-heavy "Reverse" or just cruising down the interstate on "Turn and Go," LeMaster and crew manage to bridge the gap between two seemingly incongruous genres. He hits a groove on the laidback folk tunes that grace the middle of this relatively short album but some of the dancier numbers simply fall flat. Guest vocals from Conor Oberst and Michael Stipe don't hurt, though those expecting a full-on duet will be severely disappointed by the barely detectable backups. All shortfalls aside, LeMaster and crew have demonstrated a mastery of the folk song, particularly on the stellar title track, though the next go-round slightly more focus would be nice.
Fall Back Open

Fall Back Open

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