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Fall Back Open

Author: Andrew F.
03/16/2004 | | | Album Review
Now It's Overheard revolves around Athens, Georgia native Andy LeMaster.
On this, his second record, he invites recurring members Maria and Orenda
from Azure Ray as well as Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes and fellow Athenian
Michael Stipe to do backing vocals. As LeMaster has convened a band
consisting of musicians with prior responsibilities to other groups, most
of the work falls to him. And then some! This guy not only writes and
performs these songs; he also produced, arranged and engineered the disc

There is an inherent problem, however, with taking on too many
responsibilities as a musician, and this disc illustrates it perfectly:
over-production. It is hard to tell whether he is more interested here in
doing what the songs require or in showing off as an engineer. Tracks like
"Surrender" and "Fall back open" are beautifully written pieces that end
up getting buried in over-instrumentation.

Just because you have 52 tracks to work with does not mean you should use
all of them on every take. The heartfelt and personal lyrics would be done
more service in a more stripped down approach as the cleanness of this
recording renders them less believable. If LeMaster could let go of the
reins a bit and allow an objective ear in on his work he may be capable of
very moving stuff. As it is this comes off overworked and put on.
Fall Back Open

Fall Back Open

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