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Author: Chris Rediske
01/15/2004 | Pitchfork Media | | Feature
As you may or may not know, the fine gentlemen (and women) of Saddle Creek generally stick to releasing records by artists that hail from their home state of Nebraska. As such, they kind of played up the fact that Now It's Overhead's self-titled debut was the first non-Nebraska act to be released on Saddle Creek, although there was still an element of two degrees (at most) of separation, with head Overheader Andy LeMaster having contributed heavily to most Bright Eyes records with instrumentation and production (not to mention that half of his band is Azure Ray).

Well, now it's nearly three years later and though the Saddle Creek roster hasn't expanded much at all, Now It's Overhead are still along for the ride. Their sophomore effort, Fall Back Open, will be released on March 9th, and features guest vocals from Oberst and Michael Stipe (perhaps returning the favor of LeMaster taking one of R.E.M.'s criminally boringReveal tracks and rendering it palatable?). Tour plans are underway but not finalized, and we'll get them to you as soon as they're in our hot little hands. In the meantime, you can take a gander at this fine fine tracklist:

01 Wait In A Line
02 Surrender
03 Profile
04 Turn & Go
05 Fall Back Open
06 The Decision Made Itself
07 Reverse
08 Antidote
09 A Little Consolation