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Now It's Overhead

Author: Rob Froese
05/01/2002 | | | Album Review
Sparse songs. That's would be a good way to define Now It's Overhead. Musically Now It's Overhead seems to base everything on the keyboard and go from there. Definitely breaking new ground, these two guys and two girls have a created an album that will leave you confused but healed. Clouds are everywhere on this record, but once in a while the sun is allowed to shine through. "Hold Your Spin" is definitely the poppiest song on the record, with its ba ba ba ba ba chorus to it. "Blackout Curtain" is the other standout here, as it perfectly sets the tone as the opening track, being as melancholy as can be. There is a slight country twang to some of the vocals here and the occasional female voice in the background, but vocally it is basically just normal singing. Although nothing extremely creative here, the songs are executed so well that they come across as genius.

Album Grade: A-

Cover Art Grade: C-

Key Track: "Hold Your Spin"


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