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Now It's Overhead

Author: mike stroming
10/09/2001 | RockPaperScissors Zine.... | | Album Review
One of the best albums I've heard this year, Now It's Overhead, from Athens, GA, delivers bittersweet, soft, and hopeful songs with a great deal of originality. The album defines a journey of loss, ripped open with sincerity and confusion.
The band, which includes Andy LeMaster (vocals, instruments, recording), Orenda Fink of Azure Ray (bass, keyboards, trumpet, vocals), Maria Taylor of Azure Ray (keyboards, vocals) and Clay Leverett (drums, vocals), finds themselves in rocking moments ("6th Grade Roller"), along with extremely sincere and beautiful ones ("A Skeleton On Display"). Reminiscent of the Eels and later Flaming Lips with a refreshingly original twist, this album deserves a good, hard listen. I highly recommend this album to anyone in the mood for something different, experimental, yet still clinging to the love song attitude "Blackout Curtain" opens the disc up with beautifully layered guitars and synths. It's the first page in what seems a look into Andy LeMaster's (vocals, instruments, recording) diary, as he cries out over layered vocals, "don't ever go away from here/ and I will never go away". The songs come together like a blurry, confusing, heart-aching story of loss never completely understood by LeMaster himself. It's the beginning of loss, the end of loss, and everything in between.
As the album comes to an end, "A Skeleton On Display" closes on an extremely moving and personal note; "And your breath against my neck/ I fear was my only reason for me to breathe/ I will always miss you/ I will always miss you".

BEST TIME TO LISTEN TO THIS RECORD: when everything in the world seems like a puzzle.


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