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Now It's Overhead

10/29/2001 | | | Album Review
Now It's Overhead--S/T
Saddle Creek Records

Saddle Creek makes the effort to point out that this is the first record they put by a non-Omaha, NE band, which is amazing given the stuff they have put out (I guess Sorry About Dresden is the second, though they have Omaha connections). Now It's Overhead come out of Atlanta playing complex modern rock that reminds you of bands like the Cure, Spiritualized, My Blood Valentine and even parts of Men without Hats! What this means is pop songs with rock with undercurrents that kind of float along sucking you into their mellow and calm vortex of rock. At times, it almost seems like real pliable U2 stuff; this is particularly evident on "Hi." I hear they had a difficult time playing before the Faint, like almost any band would, and from the record, you can see why. Now It's Overhead is meant to be played as you are searching the skies at night looking for star clusters or coming down from a black metal high, and not necessarily to be danced to at an all night stripper ecstasy party. There is little to dislike between the nine songs on the album. "Blackout Curtain" kicks it off and other top songs like "Hold Your Spin" maintains the consistency throughout until arriving at "A Skeleton on Display." As college finals approach, get this to soothe the beast that is your brain.