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Now It's Overhead

10/10/2001 | | | Album Review
Holy bejeezus! This CD just blows me away. I honestly had no clue what to expect... a band featuring members of Azure Ray and currently on tour with The Faint... What would you think?
I expected that it would be good... that's the power that knowing it's released on Saddle Creek has... but I never anticipated it being this good!
It all begins with the first song: "Blackout Curtain." I can't even put into words how much I love this track. None of the other songs touch the beauty somehow captured here. More melodic than Built to Spill's "The Plan," but with vocals that don't seem to stray that far. It's the chorus that makes me just blindly stare. I totally wasn't ready to be hit with this. Spacey yet poppy... yet pretty, without sounding the least bit "wussy" and completely incapable of being pigeonholed in that "emo" genre.
The other songs are less "melodic"... each varying just enough to set it apart as a unique sound. Some more rocky, some more electronically based, some more poppy... A bit of Neutral Milk Hotel here and a bit of Bright Eyes there. A nice dot of My BloodyValentine. Harmonies galore. Keyboards worked in as if without a thought. Drum beats perfectly coordinating as nothing more than a backdrop to the vocals. And lots and lots of layering.
I really think that this is one amazing record, and should be given a chance by most everybody.


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