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Now It's Overhead

Author: jj
09/28/2001 | Splendid E-zine | | Album Review
Now It's Overhead / Self-Titled / Saddle Creek (CD)
Sample 30 seconds of "Who's Jon"

A non-Nebraskan band signed to Saddle Creek? The hell, you say! Yes, you heard right, the newest additions to the SC roster do not hail from the aforementioned Cornhusker state, but rather from the cozy confines of noted pop hotbed Athens, Georgia. Their signing shouldn't come as any shock, really; after all, the goal of Creek bands like Bright Eyes and Son, Ambulance was to fashion a sound that made folks believe that they hailed from REM's beloved hometown. But don't worry, Now It's Overhead's sound isn't your usual Athens fare -- i.e. no marching bands, singing saws, tubas and so forth. Instead, the young quartet concocts a dreamy, synth-laden pop sound that has more in common with Aztec Camera or Depeche Mode then it does with Elf Power or Of Montreal. Swirling, atmospheric keyboards and strummed guitars form the bedrock of the group's sound, and atop this they add clenching percussion, yearning vocals and the odd blast of muted trumpet. There is an air of paranormal isolation that hangs cumbrously above the album, especially on standouts like "Who's Jon" and "A Skeleton on Display", making them more disquieting with each subsequent airing. Musing, moody and eerie, Now It's Overhead's debut proves that from time to time, the darkness even overtakes Athens.