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Now It's Overhead

Author: Kurt Morris
09/05/2001 | Action Attack Helicopter | | Album Review
Saddle Creek's first non-Omaha based release has some pretty familiar faces in it. Fronted by Andy LeMaster (you may remember him from his work with Bright Eyes) and featuring members of Azure Ray, it would seem that Now It's Overhead is full of potential. They draw from a vast array of influences, and produce a sound similar to The Cure, My Bloody Valentine, Depeche Mode and Spiritualized. LeMaster has a unique voice that will calm the listener and works as a team with the music that is breathy, full and yet retaining its ability to be airy as well. Now personally, I was never a huge fan of this genre of music. I really try, though and Now It's Overhead definitely provide a real unique atmosphere with their approach to the notion of "space rock". Occasionally this ran together and it made it hard for me to pull highlights out of this, but such tracks as "Hold Your Spin" provided some of the fun, jazzy get-up that one may not expect on a Saddle Creek record. Hell, a lot of this is unexpected from a Saddle Creek band. But get used to it, because the upcoming months will have more albums being released by non-Omaha based acts. It's alright, though. We can all use that extra shot in the arm from time to time. Now It's Overhead certainly are a good place to start.