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Now It's Overhead

09/04/2001 | | | Album Review
Funny how like-minded folks tend to gravitate toward one another...even when they are hundreds of miles apart. Many years ago when the world had its sights focused on Athens, Georgia, the city was producing substandard and boring acts (R.E.M., The B-52s, blah blah blah, yap yap yap...). Now that the city actually has an amazing number of incredibly talented bands who call Athens home, only small pockets of underground fans seem to be paying attention. No matter. The best things in life are always appreciated by a select few. We were already impressed with the Saddle Creek label because of a wonderful Kill Creek CD that we recently reviewed (we've been playing them ever since-CHECK THEM OUT). Though the label is based in Nebraska (and usually signs Nebraska acts), the label folks decided to make a smart exception by releasing the debut CD from the strangely titled Now It's Overhead. The band is made up of members of Bright Eyes and Azure Ray...both of which have previously received well-deserved and stunning praise in the pages of babysue. This band's material is coming from the same general direction as the members' other bands...but there seems to be more of an emphasis on recording technique here (probably due to the fact that band member Andy LeMaster works in the studio where this album was recorded). For those out there (like ourselves) who become very, very tired of so much crap creeping about in underground pop circles, this band and album will come as a pleasant surprise. No throwaway tunes here...and the main emphasis is on composition. There are several tracks that make it all the way up our driveway and into the carport, including "Who's Jon" (great melody), "7th Grade Roller," and "Goodbye Highway." Well written and well executed... (Rating: 4+++)