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Now It's Overhead

09/10/2001 | | | Album Review

Unafraid of the words, so release them on a stage in a play that you make. Other words will betray if repeated, it's not the day to day...
Now It's Overhead does a beautiful job combining somewhat atmospheric keyboard sounds with a somewhat aggressive pop agenda. They've created a record that is simultaneously hooky and danceable, but at the same time deep and introspective. Sorta like Depeche Mode/Joy Division meets Long Hind Legs/Crooked Fingers.
I'm fond of a lot of the indie rock that is looking back to early goth/new wave for inspiration. The re-emphasis on keyboards and actual singing is something that I can really get down with and to. Singer Andy LeMaster rocks the mic with an unabashed style worthy of a large hormone-charged black leather and lace wearing teenager-filled arena. I like the way it feels that Andy wrote the lyrics without necessarily having the music in mind, but the music serving more as an afterthought.
Not that the music lacks in cohesion or doesn't synch up with Andy's lyrical agenda. At times the music feels like a dark carnival ("Wonderful Scar"). At others, it feels like a long drive with nothing much to think about ("Goodbye Highway"). The last song ("A Skeleton on Display"), as much as I hate to admit it, sounds a lot like Radiohead/Sigur Ros, but of course, far better because it feels sincere.
My favorite track "With a Subtle Look" reminds me quite a bit of Joy Division. Starting with the sounds of a wet highway and a big bass drum sound, progresses to a beautiful thick piano and deep echoed sad lyrics. "With a subtle look, we'd communicate, now all the words we saved return to curse your name... your arms once mine now wrapped around a different boy, he looks like me..."
This band deserves attention and hopefully the exposure they'll get opening for the Faint will put them in the hands of kids who need this. The beautiful sincerity of the music and the gorgeous/dark album cover will make this a keeper. I'm really excited to see them play live.