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Now It's Overhead

10/09/2001 | Rollerderby Superstar | Album Review
Now It's Overhead | s/t
The first non-Nebraska band (gasp!) to release a Saddle Creek album, Now It's Overhead aren't exactly strangers to the Omaha scene. That's because the band features frequent Bright Eyes collaborators Andy LeMaster (vocals, instruments, recording), and, from Azure Ray. Orenda Fink (bass, keyboards, trumpet, vocals)and Maria Taylor (keyboards, vocals) as well as Clay Leverett (drums, vocals). The album opens with a dreamy feel that somewhat recalls the Cure. The sound is further defined as the album progresses, with interesting instrumentation and solid songwriting. "Hi" provides a melancholic rock feel that evokes recent Yo La Tengo. The band has an undeniable '80s influence that is enticing on some tracks and a bit much on others, such as "Hold Your Spin." Also, it seems as there is a little bit of confusion of what direction the band wants to head in, but this is forgivable for a debut album. We'll call it ambitious. There are brief experimental moments throughout where the band really shines, but overall, the songs are just not as strong as what we've come to expect from Saddle Creek. Not a bad album by any means, but it is no Blank Wave Arcade, either.


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